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On July 12, I received news from my friend Lloyd Coutts, that a mixed media pastel painting on Fabriano had been accepted into the Delville Wood Memorial in France.

The work is titled "After the Battle". I have for many years wanted to establish some artistic connection to the WW1 battlefields of the Somme which have always fascinated me in many respects, most notably that we must never allow our collective memory to forget what horrors can be unleashed on humanity by bloodymindedness and hunger for power.



"After the Battle". Pastel and mixed media on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm 700 x 1000mm

Dr Alain Tschudin executive director of Good Governance Africa (left) and Thapedi Masanabo, manager-curator of Delville Wood Museum.

A series of artworks commemorating the First World War

All works are mixed media on Fabriano paper, 50 x 70cm



This is a series in progress