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Prints and mixed media on paper

Most of these artworks are 50c x 70cm in size, printed or painted with acrylics on Fabriano or Schoellershammer papers, 200-250gsm. All works comprise an edition of one and form a series or progression of printed images using a montage concept. They range from singular monotypes and monoprints and combinations thereof and often combined with manipulated hand painted imagery.

My working methods for these works on paper (and also on canvas) include the manual application of paint in the conventional sense in the form of washes and layering and then an overprinting by silkscreen. Often multiole images are used to build up a final artwork.

Many works are an ongoing process with different layers being added over a period of time until what I consider to be a finished work.

The "Fragile" Series

Screenprint and painting

The Anatomy of Fire

Screenprint and painting

Some of these prints shown below are still undergoing additions and changes